Reliance Intermediate Holdings (Reliance Home Comfort)

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Reliance Intermediate Holdings is the holding company for its subsidiary and operating company, Reliance LP, doing business as "Reliance Home Comfort", which rents and services water heaters and HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) units. Reliance services more than 1.2 million rental water heaters in Ontario, Canada. In addition, this segment has related commercial activities that complement the water heater rental business, including the retail sale, rental, service and maintenance, and financing of HVAC equipment. Reliance Intermediate Holdings also owns a security segment has approximately 349,000 customers providing residential and commercial electronic security system sales, installation, service, monitoring, and related commercial activities across Canada.1.

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Positive Impact – Doing: 

1. Operates a rental/service model for heating, ventilation and air conditioning units to 1.2 million water heaters in Ontario, Canada; this rental and maintenance model enables a broader range of society to pay for the service of 'the right temperature in our home', without needing to purchase the unit itself. Service-oriented models provide an incentive for the owner of the units, in this case, Reliance Home Comfort, to first maintain the unit rather than needing to replace it entirely, therefore producing less waste in landfills.

Positive Impact – Talking: 

1. Energy efficient products - "We are proud of providing our customers with an outstanding array of energy-efficient home comfort products and services."1
2. Charitable donations to the United Way - "We have a long history of giving back to the communities we serve"; specifically, give charitable donations to the United Way Community Fund, which donates to a network of social and health service agencies.2
3. Focus on people and care for the environment- "We care about people–our customers, our employees, and our communities"; the company has proclaimed their values, and one of them is to "Care for the community and the environment".3.

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How is the company enacting their values of community and caring for the environment beyond charitable donations to the United Way? Used to operated under the name "Union Energy";1. HQ in Oshawa, Ontario Canada2.

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